Music, drinks, and a few laughs: The perfect recipe for repatriation
The passion for the motherland was very noticeable in both Raffi & Harout from a young age, that is why when they met in the autumn of 1999 in school their common interests brought them closer together.
Their friendship continued after school and their love for Armenia grew stronger and stronger. Together with other friends, they would regularly meet up and plan their repatriation.
Years went by, and both men, after letting many chances pass by, finally decided to “go all-in” and try to move to Yerevan. Their love of Armenia, music, and drinking, drove them to come up with the idea to open up a hangout place in downtown Yerevan. A place where people alike would come to enjoy good music and good drinks in a cozy atmosphere. By accomplishing this idea, they wished and hoped to have a positive impact on the social and cultural scene of Yerevan thus making repatriation contemporary.
Come late 2017, they quit their jobs, moved to Armenia, and opened up Bak75, the hangout bar.
And the rest, as they say, will be history.

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  • Menar Boyadjian

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    My favourite hangout place in Armenia.

    Location: in the heart of Yerevan, 5 minutes away from the Republic square by walking

    Drinks: great selection of cocktails and shots! Ask for the Armenian Car bomb (in house specialty drink), you will not regret it!

    Food: yummy small bites!

    Prices: affordable

    Space: lovely decor with a big dancing space and a great ventillation system

    Atmosphere: crazy atmosphere, owners and staff are very friendly

    Music: very good sound system with mixed music.

    Don’t miss Avet Band that plays every Sunday! You will enjoy a great Armenian night full of dance!

    Thank you for this great experience and can’t wait to go back..

  • Stephanie

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    If you love the nightlife then you must visit this amazing underground party spot. Amazing cocktails, friendly staff, great music. It is a must visit place if you like to party till early hours and enjoy your time.
    Don’t miss their Sunday night, where a local band plays Armenian and Oriental music.
    Bak75, is the Ideal hangout Pub.

  • Loucyneh

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    We had a great time! Unforgettable memories

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