Created in 1999 and employing the most up-to-date technology available, the Fish Farm Cherkezi Dzor specializes in the raising of four types of trout and one type of Siberian sturgeon. The company’s headquarters is in Yerevan, which operates four farms in Armenia including this in Gyumri, where the water is of exceptional purity, cold (11 0C) natural oxygen – rich and alkaline rendering a quality superior to any other farmed fish anywhere.
Cold-water fish grows at a slower pace but yields better taste and texture.
At present Fish Farm produces:
Brook trout
Golden trout
Rainbow trout
Sevanian trout
Siberian sturgeon
Originally we used to sell our fish to people at the farm gate. Overtime our customers encouraged us to cook the fish, and even brought their own assorted foodstuffs to accompany their meal.
The next step was to provide tables and chairs. Today Fish Farm Cherkezi Dzor is a full-service fish restaurant serving a variety of appetizers, side dishes, and desserts to embellish our specialty trouts and sturgeon.
The Red Fortress and the valley, where our fish farm is located are historically important.
Enjoy a walk around our pools, select the fish, your table and leave the rest to us.
Tonir is a typical Armenian clay oven used as an important family cooking device, mostly for lavash and roasting by hanging meat, fish or chicken in it. The intense heat created at the bottom of our 1.60 meter deep tonir renders the meat succulent and of an incomparable taste.
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