Six countries, six different national cuisines, one stop – Degustation. Only from this “station” you can start the most delicious “journey” and taste the best, so said, “best seller” dishes. This is a place where everyone can find pleasant tastes and aromas for themselves. Become a gastrotourist with Degustation and make a “tour” to countries with the richest cuisines!

Feel the subtle poetic taste in France, get acquainted with the culinary art of Italy, “burn” with the flame of taste in Mexico, discover the sacrament of taste of Lebanese cuisine, “taste” the bright colors of pop culture in the US, and finally, enjoy the Armenian cuisine! All this will complement healthy vegetarian food and high-quality, sun-filled products from Northern Italy.

Delicious “journey” with Degustation will become more accessible thanks to the delivery service and the availability of semi-finished products, which will allow you to try or cook at home. Degustation for those who appreciate diversity and quality; who prefers tasty and healthy food; stylish and interesting environment. Degustation under one roof unites rich culinary traditions and provides an opportunity to experience a wide geography of taste.

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