The creation of Tnak initially aimed to provide a decent, clean, and fast food option on the main road out of Yerevan. Additionally, Hamov Tnak plays a role in discovering new young talents for Pi Hospitality, as many professionals who play a key role in the organization started their journey at Tnak.

The interior places a strong emphasis on practical and natural solutions to streamline and speed up the daily experience of guests who choose to stop and savor the food. The cuisine is diverse and evolving, with a primary focus on simplicity, speed, and taste freshness.

Hamov Tnak strives to show that even the simplest dishes from everyday life can be fantastically tasty, quick, and affordable, such as lahmajo, khinkali, shawarma, and freshly baked pies that transport you back to your childhood.

Over the years, Hamov Tnak has transformed from a fast food place into a restaurant that epitomizes modern Armenia and serves as a beloved stopping point on the road.

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