“Tavern Yerevan Riverside” is the 5th project of Tavern Yerevan restaurant network by Yeremyan Projects. It started on the 2nd of June 2018. Far from the noise, located in nature, while in the heart of the city itself, this restaurant is at the bank of Hrazdan River, at 48a Admiral Isakov Avenue. “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” offers a permanently developing and rich menu of Armenian and regional cuisine, as well as recipes characteristic to the Armenian cuisine.
Evening shows at the restaurant are the most expected events of the guests in summer. Popular and well-known songs are performed at an open-air stage every evening, by famous singers and ensembles. Interesting and attractive musical performances, “Haik and Bel”, “Medallion” and “Eloise” are now the business card of the restaurant. “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” is valued for its open-air seats, where one may enjoy the dishes of the tastiest cuisine in harmony with the nature of a riverbank. A three-story building has delicately furnished halls, decorated with the colors of nature, a rich wine cellar and a room for children.
The car parking lot is large enough. “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” also offers gastro-tours to the tourists visiting Armenia and everyone interested in Armenian culinary culture. Such tours introduce the participants to Armenian cuisine, the specificities of cooking, and allow them to collect interesting and unforgettable gastronomic experience. The participants of the gastro-tour follow the bakers and try baking lavash in a tondir, prepare tolma, barbequed vegetables and meat by the fire and together with the chef of the restaurant. “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” is a special place to be closer to nature and feel its fabulous spirit.

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