For many of us, the word “family” is synonymous with “unity,” even in basic matters. That is why eating bread together is a strong and beloved tradition in our family.

At a young age, I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I had to give up my games at lunch or dinner and sit around the table ․ What if I eat a little later?

Now I realize that the warmest moments of my childhood memories are connected with gathering around the table ․ as if there were excerpts from the film, moments flooded with sun and love. My memory has been preserved by our laughter, the passing of delicious food to each other, the conversations, the happy mood.

You are at home, so you are protected, your relatives are by your side, you feel peaceful. Add to all this the delicious dishes ․․․ Believe me, nothing more is needed for happiness. Need a favorite area, dear people, favorite dishes ․ Here is the simple formula.

I especially remember and love one of my grandfather’s stories. He used to say that lilac was called the “tree of paradise” and that there was a belief that love would last forever in the house next to which this beautiful flower grows. As a result of the fire that broke out in our garden, all the trees my grandfather planted were burnt, except for one ․ The young lilac tree planted at a very young age withstood the fire, the roots were saved and the tree blossomed again and again. The garden was restored thanks to great efforts and love.

Lilac became the symbol of our family as a reminder that even the most delicate roots can overcome any fire in life, if you are strong enough and stay strong.

My grandfather started a family, had children, later established his own small restaurant and told all the relatives and guests the beautiful story of the lilac tree. Now, years later, bearing the scent of lilac and the magic mystery in our souls, we have tried to revive and continue the best traditions here in “Yasaman” restaurant.

Let the warm memory and love of your childhood envelop you, let conversations be born in “Yasaman” that can be told endlessly, intertwining imaginary events with reality.


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