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Sweet sujuk, also known as Armenian “snickers”, is one of the famous souvenirs from Armenia. It also has a unique shape and color.

Sweet Sujuk is made with a string of walnuts, set like a marble necklace, which is then dipped into an apricot or grape syrup, called doshab, and then hung somewhere to air dry. As it is rich in flavor, it is cut into small pieces once it is ready to be consumed. 

It’s a rich and sweet dessert and a healthier option than “snickers”!

Ingredients for Sweet Sujukh Recipe

  • Walnuts: For sharan use the walnut kernels either half or quarters. Anything smaller will break and not be suitable for stringing. 
  • Grape molasses: Grape molasses are sold in Armenian or Middle Eastern stores. They come in a bottle or a jar. You can also use grape juice
  • Wheat flour: Flour is used to thicken the sauce and wheat flour keeps it more pliable, and less dense. All-purpose flour might make the coating more rubbery.
  • Spices (cardamom, clove, cinnamon): Spices are optional; a little will go a long way. They just give an undertone of flavors.


it’s important to prepare the place you will be hanging the churchkela to dry 

1)Start by threading walnuts, set aside

2)Pour the juice in a heavy bottom saucepan and bring it to a simmer 

3)In a large mixing bowl combine flour and corn starch

4)Add half of the hot juice over the flour- starch mixture and stir with a spoon ,then switch to electric mixer

5)Mix on medium speed and continue adding more juice

6)As soon as the mixture turns thick and smooth ( lump free) mixture transfer to the saucepan with the remaining juice, stir and place over the medium heat

7)Add molasses , sugar and spices

8)Cook by stirring constantly until the mixture thickens , about 10-15 minutes

9)Dip one row of the threaded walnuts to test, if it comes out thick , dip the rest if not ,then cook a bit more and test again until the right consistency reached ( you can always double dip if needed)

Hang sharots to dry at room temperature 5-7 days 

Cut one to check, if the inside looks dry ,it’s ready 

To remove the thread from dried churchkela, simply cut the bottom tip and pull off the string from the top hanger

Slice and serve 


Article by July S. 



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